The heat is on: Getting industry hydrogen-ready

Featured In: Exxon Mobil

High heat. Low emissions. A simple concept that’s a big deal. 

ExxonMobil is joining forces with Zeeco, Inc. to market industrial burners for manufacturing facilities that can run on up to 100% hydrogen.

Why is this important? The new burners, paired with the low-carbon hydrogen we’re planning to produce in Baytown, Texas, could help industrial customers significantly reduce their emissions as the

Hydrogen is emerging as a key element in the energy transition because when it’s used as a fuel, no carbon dioxide (CO2) is released at the point of combustion. 

Replacing more natural gas with hydrogen as a fuel for industrial burners could lead to a widespread reduction in emissions at manufacturing operations worldwide. 

It’s an exciting opportunity to reduce emissions on a grand scale. And we’re our own first customer. We’ve started installing them at our  Baytown manufacturing complex, with plans to roll out the new burners at our sites globally in the coming years. 

y explore fuel switching from natural gas to hydrogen. 


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