Green hydrogen industry ‘is not just a lot of hot air’

In 2021 Boris Johnson boldly declared that “Britain will become the Qatar of hydrogen” as part of his government’s strategy for reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. The plan was for hydrogen to supply up to 35 per cent of Britain’s energy needs, but was the promise a load of hot air? No, according to key […]

7bn euros in hydrogen infrastructure subsidies

7bn euros in hydrogen infrastructure subsidies from seven member states has been permitted by the EU A third multi-billion-euro H2 approval has occurred and this approval allows the deployment of 3.2GW of electrolysers, as well as thousands of kilometres worth of hydrogen pipelines. There are seven EU member states who are now ready to invest […]

The heat is on: Getting industry hydrogen-ready

High heat. Low emissions. A simple concept that’s a big deal.  ExxonMobil is joining forces with Zeeco, Inc. to market industrial burners for manufacturing facilities that can run on up to 100% hydrogen. Why is this important? The new burners, paired with the low-carbon hydrogen we’re planning to produce in Baytown, Texas, could help industrial […]